The study of Geography is about more than memorizing places on a map. It’s about understanding the complexity of our world.


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Geography students develop a passion for understanding the Earth in its beauty and diversity.


Studying Geography at Concord teaches students about the physical structure of the planet, how we affect our environment and how it affects us in the present and future. Through a broad range of sub-topics, students seek to explain and evaluate the multitude of factors which make each place on earth unique.

Fieldwork is an essential part of studying Geography at Concord. Compulsory and voluntary fieldwork trips are organised by our enthusiastic teaching staff. Our local area offers a wealth of Geographical fieldwork opportunities, and recent trips have also gone further afield.

Form 3

In Form 3 all students study Geography through a selected mixture of physical and human geography topics. The course is designed to develop skills and understanding, but also nurtures enjoyment of the subject and a passion for studying geography.


Cambridge IGCSE Geography 

Mode of assessment
100% examination

As one of our most popular GCSE options, IGCSE Geography covers physical and human geography topics through internationally themed case studies. Studying the subject provides students with a much greater understanding of the world around them, as well as providing an excellent foundation for the study of Geography at A Level.

A Level

Cambridge International Education (CIE)  

Mode of assessment
100% examination

Geography A Level covers a wide range of geographical topics, investigation modules and fieldwork which encourages students to understand contemporary issues and the complexity of environmental systems. Learners gain an understanding of the impacts of human activity on environments and how these impacts can be managed sustainably. The course is thoroughly enjoyed amongst students and aids them in developing a wide range of skills such as data collection, analysis, and essay writing whilst also cultivating an awareness and understanding of our rapidly changing world.


Studying Geography helps students develop a wide breadth of knowledge alongside many transferrable skills (teamwork, planning research, problem solving) which are prized by universities and employers. Students who choose to study Geography at Concord are equipped to read a range of subjects at university including both arts and science disciplines. Concord’s Geography graduates work in a diverse range of fields such as journalism, law and business, international relations, conservation and sustainability.

Concord College alumni Megan

Megan Lee

“Geography was my favourite subject at Concord because the teachers were engaging, sparking my curiosity and inspiring a desire to learn more about the world around me. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years at Concord, and the memories, lessons, and friendships I formed are invaluable.”


—Megan, Dentistry at Bristol.

(During her time at Concord, Megan was recognised by the Royal Geographical Society for achieving the highest marks nationally in the 2022 Cambridge International AS Level Geography examinations).

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