Boarding Residences

Concord has 17 boarding residences in total, with the largest (Bell) accommodating 70 boarders and the smallest (Cherry Orchard) just 5.


All Concord’s residences are single-sex (or have separate entrances and facilities for girl and boy boarders) and each has a Boarding Parent who lives in attached accommodation and is supported by Assistant Boarding Parents and other staff.

Wrekin Residence at Concord College

Every student has their own single study bedroom. There are a smaller number of en-suite rooms in some of the Sixth-Form boarding residences. 

Returning students can indicate a preference for a particular residence and even specific rooms but these requests cannot always be satisfied. Senior Prefects and Lower School Monitors are given first choice of rooms and then ballots are conducted for returning Sixth Form students in order to attempt to find a fair way of giving students priority in selecting their preferred rooms for the next academic year. Particular rooms, residences or facilities cannot be reserved on application.  

Lower School Residences

Taylor’s (girls), Bell (boys), Highfield (Form 5 girls) and Orchard (Form 5 boys)

Our youngest students are all accommodated in residences in the heart of the campus, all Form 3 and Form 4 boarders are together in either Bell residence (boys) or Taylor’s (girls). Form 5 boarders who are all returning to the College may also be in Bell or Taylors or they might have rooms in Highfield (girls) or Orchard House (boys). 

In all Lower School residences, single study bedrooms are grouped with shared bathroom facilities and communal spaces including kitchens where boarders can prepare snacks or relax with their friends. 

In addition to their Boarding House Parents, Lower School residences have full time Boarding Assistants giving Lower School Boarders an age-appropriate higher level of adult support and supervision in residences when students come home to care after lessons and at weekends. Lower School Boarding Parents & Boarding Assistants are on hand to listen and talk with students as well as offering a range of activities including on Saturday nights.  

Sixth Form Residences (girls)

Broadlands, Elisabeth, Garden View, Main Hall Girls, Old School, Old Walls, Paul and The Warren


Sixth Form Residences (boys)

Acton Pigott, Burnell, Cherry Orchard, Main Hall Boys, The Smithy and Wrekin

The Sixth Form boarding residences vary in their size and character. All offer single study bedrooms and many are en-suite. They range from modern purpose-built boarding residences such as Wrekin and Paul to charming converted houses in the village of Acton Burnell like The Warren. 

Boys in 6.1 are often housed in Acton Pigott, a residence located a short walk from the campus in a beautiful farm setting with en-suite rooms and its own common room. There is a safe field-side path between Acton Pigott and the main campus which students can choose to walk or cycle using one of the College bicycles. There are also regular mini-bus journeys. 

6.1 girl boarders are usually based in residences on the main campus site, for 6.2 some choose one of two smaller girls’ residences just outside of the College gate in the village of Acton Burnell.  

Ballots are conducted for returning Sixth Form students in order to attempt to find a fair way of giving students priority in selecting their preferred rooms for the next academic year. 

All second year A Level students are guaranteed a single en-suite study bedroom, if that is their wish. 

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