The goal of education is for a student to make progress.  The monitoring of that progress is an important element in the education of any effective school.

At Concord, we use a number of measures to monitor student progress.  On arrival, we will already have some idea of a student’s academic potential as a result of pre-testing and looking at their school reports.  On arrival, all students are further tested to ensure that we have as complete a picture as possible.  This information is then made available to teaching and pastoral staff so that they are aware of the potential of the students they are supporting.

During a student’s time at Concord they are tested weekly on a Saturday morning.  This provides students with the chance to reinforce and affirm their learning every week and helps to ensure that the exam room ‘holds no fears’ by the end of the year.   The results of these tests are monitored closely by teachers, tutors and senior staff so that any problems can be addressed quickly.  Students also normally sit examinations at the end of each term.  Parents are given full written reports three or four times per year in which their child’s learning, test scores and progress are documented and commented upon.

In these ways Concord students are closely supported during their time at Concord to ensure that we are all aware of the progress they are making relative to their potential and to their level of commitment.