Clubs & Societies

“Concord values a holistic approach to education, and I firmly believe that students who participate in the range of activities offered are able to thrive, both academically and personally”.


—Bee, (2023 leaver) Engineering at Cambridge

Concord has many clubs and societies. Participating in extra-curricular activities encourages students to be their best selves.


Joining a club or society enables students to hone their language skills, think creatively and work with others. They may also develop leadership skills, learn more about the world around them or simply take a break from their studies by having fun. Importantly, they also learn to manage their time.

Concord has an incredibly wide range of clubs and Societies.


There are over 100 clubs or societies at Concord, some run by staff and others by senior students. With so many to choose from, all students will have the opportunity to delve deeper into subjects or careers they are interested in, try out new activities and even win awards. If a club they are interested in does not already exist, they can start their own! 


Concord’s most talented students may join our Elite Sports Programme. Currently 12 Concord students are competing at national standards including 3 current Singapore internationals. As well as the more popular sports such as basketball, netball, football, tennis and swimming, Concord also has ballet, mountain biking, fencing and climbing clubs, to name just a few.

The Arts & Culture

Concord is a great place to be for students interested in the arts. There is an art club, a book club, a fashion club, a photography club and a cinema club as well as many devoted to the performing arts.

Our wonderful range of nationalities are reflected in clubs such as the African, Eastern European, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian and Singapore Societies. Many of these participate in the Mayor’s Concert in Shrewsbury.

Academic & Careers

By joining an academic or career-interest club, students are encouraged to find out more about subjects they are interested in. Here they gain skills and accreditations that may give them an advantage when selecting topics for future study. Our hugely popular MedSoc, science, engineering and mathematics-based activity groups appeal to aspiring scientists. Concord also offers Mock Trial, Model United Nations, debating societies and many more topics of interest to explore.

Medical Society

Biomedical Illustration Club

Concord Model United Nations

Awards and Competitions

Students are invited to enter the annual Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a programme of cultural and adventurous activities designed to give a sense of responsibility. Many Concord clubs and societies enter national competitions. Concord students have enjoyed considerable success in the Physics, Mathematics, Informatics Olympiads and Economics Essay Writing and British Heart Foundation Competitions in recent years.

“It’s important to not lose sight of what we’re working for and the world around us. After giving talks in assemblies about my podcast devoted to sustainability issues, 12 Concordians joined our group.”

—Paco (2023 leaver) Civil Engineering at Imperial and co-founder of Sustainapod.

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