Concord’s Eco Week

Last week, Concord’s Eco Team hosted another successful ‘Eco Week’. The event aims to further educate students about the small but powerful changes they can make in their daily lives, that will contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Written by Cheryl, Head of Eco Team, 6.1.

As one of the heads of the Eco team, I played my part in organising and overseeing the events in correspondence with the rest of the team. From the 10th to 17th of April, we organised a beef free week, vegetarian supper, sustainability talk and the annual Earth Hour concert.

As small as the impact may seem, the beef free week and vegetarian supper were held in order for the students to try something new. Earlier on, my co-head Sohaib and I delivered an assembly regarding carbon emissions, food waste and the environmental impacts of our food choices. Some key statistics from the slides were that beef emissions—namely methane—accounted for 25% of all greenhouse gases, and also that 1/3 of food produced across the globe is wasted. It is crucial that our generation reduces these figures by embracing more mindful eating practices in the canteen.

A sustainability talk was delivered over Zoom by Mr. Rafi Cristobal, the director of the Social Impact and Sustainability Program at the Harbour School in Hong Kong. He covered topics regarding the school’s sustainable development goals, campus design, teaching models, as well as his own passion for sustainability. His insights were well received by the attendees, who asked an abundance of questions regarding the student-led initiatives, particularly about the seaweed conservation project.

Finally, the Earth Hour concert marked the end of Eco Week. Annually, Earth Hour is held in darkness, since no electricity is permitted. The seats were lined with candles (battery-lit, of course!) which lambently lit the venue, producing a relaxed ambience. There were 5 performances by Hanks, Macy, and duet Erinna and Jackie. The line up was comprised variably, from baroque pieces and classical arias to modern alternative pop.

The team’s enthusiasm has paved way for a range of events to be planned later on in the year. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to organise these events, which have proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Concord College Eco Team

Concord’s Eco Team

Concord College eco week earth hour

Earth Hour concert

Earth Hour concert