Frequently asked questions

Admissions FAQS

When is the application deadline?

Applications remain open year-round, as long as places remain available. Applications are considered from the September before a student would be admitted onwards (for example, applications for September 2025 entry will be considered from September 2024 onwards). Applications made before then are seen first and have the best chance of success.

When are the entrance tests?

Tests are online and supervised by our own admissions team. Test appointments are available from 14 months prior to the start of the academic year you would start at Concord. Students whose applications are received early (more than a year ahead) are the first to sit entrance tests and have their applications considered. Test appointments are available throughout the year until places have all been offered and accepted.

Do I have to travel for my interview?

Interviews are typically via online calls, though if a student is visiting the school, or one of our team is visiting the student’s home city, we may schedule a face-to-face interview.

Who will interview me?

Interviews are usually with a senior member of staff such as the Principal, Vice Principal or Head of Lower School.

What is the interview like?

Interviews are usually fairly informal; they give us the chance to find out more about you. You might be asked about your studies and about your interests outside of school.

How should I prepare for tests and the interview?

We don’t recommend any specific preparation for the tests and interviews. Our team are highly experienced in understanding how different education systems around the world might affect scores on our tests. There is no set pass mark; tests, school reports and the interview all help us to understand the student.

When will I know if I have a place?

This may take a few weeks from taking the test, especially at the start of the academic year when the first group of applicants are considered. Please do contact us if you need an update on your application.

I have had an offer, what next?

When an offer is made, offer holders have up to one month to formally accept a place. After accepting a place and paying a deposit, you will be ready for admission to Concord. We will be in touch with lots of joining information before you arrive.

We look forward to you starting your Concord journey.

Visas and Guardianship FAQs

Do students need to go to stay with a guardian during every college holiday?

No – all students can choose to stay at Concord during Half Terms, and students in Forms 5, 6.1 and 6.2 can choose to stay during Easter. Residential holiday charges apply (though please note that there is no additional charge for students who stay at Concord for the short Summer Half Term).  

We do not have whole-college exeat weekends, but we are closed for all students during the Christmas and Summer vacations. 

Will the guardian arrange transport to the airport?

No – the College will usually help you with this. If a student goes to stay with their guardian, however, they will arrange transport for the student to go and visit them and any onward travel from there. 

I have a relative (or close friend) who lives in the UK. Can they act as a guardian?

Yes – they must be over the age of 25 and not in full-time education to act as an educational guardian 

Do students need a guardian if they are over the age of 18?

Yes – all students need a guardian for the entirety of their time at Concord. 

If a student plans to travel home whenever the College isn’t open for boarders. Do they still need a guardian?

Yes – occasionally there may be circumstances when you are unable to travel home (due to changing international travel restrictions, for example), or need to spend a short time away from Concord during term-time (due to suspension for disciplinary reasons, for example). 

Can my child’s guardian attend Parents’ Meetings?

We do not currently run in-person parents’ meetings for international students, but we do provide parents with weekly updates on their child’s grades. If a parent wishes, these updates can also be provided to guardians. However, the principal relationship for the child’s education remains between the school and the parents. 

On occasion parents may feel it useful for a guardian to come to the College to speak with academic staff about a student’s progress. In such circumstances the college will arrange a suitable meeting. 

Can the College recommend any guardianship agencies?

If you are choosing to use a professional guardian or guardianship agency, they must be accredited by AEGIS or the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA). Different agencies offer different packages. For example, some include all home stays with the named guardian as part of the overall cost, while some add this as an extra. We recommend that you select an accredited provider that offers you the level of package that you require for your child’s individual circumstances. 

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