Trips & Expeditions

Life at Concord is just the beginning; we provide students with many opportunities to explore the rest of the world too. 

At Concord College, we believe that education goes far beyond the textbooks. Our trips and excursions programme provides students with immersive and unforgettable experiences to enhance their learning experience. 


Our educational day trips serve as enriching additions to students’ curriculums, offering bursts of valuable insights and hands-on experience to complement their classroom studies.  

Concord College enrichment Moonlit Walk

Local points of interest


Concord College trips Stratford

Cultural sites

Concord College Shrewsbury Town trips

Local visits

Students are also offered opportunities for leisure trips, at weekends and during holidays on campus. These include day trips to Shrewsbury, Birmingham and Manchester, as well as outdoor adventure residential experiences.

“I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to bond with my peers and make new friends in an environment away from College”

—-Abbie, 6.1 (Austria Ski Trip 2023)

Additionally, many of our overseas trips mix educational exploration with impressive adventures, so students can create lasting memories whilst delving further into their understanding of a subject. 

Concord College history trips Berlin

MFL trips to Berlin, Paris & Granada

Concord College history trips Belgium

History trip to Belgium battlefields

Concord College MedSoc Trip Kenya Medic

MedSoc trip to Kenya

Concord College trips New York City

Art trip to New York

Concord College ski trip

Skiing Trip in Europe

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