Careers Guidance

There are many paths open to the talented young people at Concord College. We have students who, from a young age, have clear career goals and others who do not yet have definite plans.

The importance of careers guidance at Concord


We believe it is important for students to be well-informed about and inspired by the opportunities available to them. We make it a priority to give our students access to a wealth of useful information from universities and prospective employers.

Securing a place at a top university, and thriving once there takes excellent results and a lot more. Concord students are encouraged to recognise their personal strengths through our programme of enrichment activities and also to learn how to develop new skills which will help them in their future careers. These extra-curricular activities support Concord’s students when making decisions about their future and will contribute to their ongoing success and happiness after leaving the College.


Practical support we offer


Concord’s ‘Student Futures’ team delivers a planned program that expertly prepares students for life beyond Concord.

Our Student Futures Officer, a highly qualified registered careers professional, coordinates a schedule which benefits our young people thinking about life after Concord.

Students have university preparation and careers talks from external speakers, visiting academics and professionals, some of whom are Concord alumni. There is also a dedicated careers library within the main library with a wealth of reference materials.

From Form 5 (Year 11) onwards, the Futures Officer uses ‘Morrisby profiling’ with students. This tool helps them to discover their personal strengths, ambitions and goals as well as suggesting careers that might suit them. Feedback and advice is offered in expert-led face-to-face careers interviews to help students to make the most of information.

In 6.1 (Year 12) further careers interviews are followed by opportunities to look at work placements. These placements not only give students the opportunity to experience life in a workplace, but also the opportunity to write job applications, practice interviews and obtain references.

In 6.2 (Year13) staff, alumni and local business professionals support students by helping them practice interview techniques. For those facing interviews for their chosen courses at university this additional practice can be particularly valuable.

Places on top university courses are competitive. Our University Co-ordinators organise university visits and talks by university recruitment staff to educate and inspire students about some of the universities they are considering both in the UK and overseas.

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