University Destinations

As educators, it is one of our fundamental priorities to help our students to follow their dreams and take the important step to the next stage of their education. They work very hard indeed to achieve their ambitions and it is such a great pleasure to see them rewarded with this fantastic and well-deserved success in gaining places at top universities.”


Principal of Concord College, Dr Michael Truss

As an international school with students from many nations around the world, it is perhaps not surprising that Concord students favour continuing their education after Concord at institutions with global reputations.


Many of our students attend Concord with a view going on to a UK university. They are however excited about all of the possibilities on offer and every year a number go on to study at top universities in other countries. In recent years, US universities have become more popular as have those in Australia and Hong Kong.

Highly selective universities


The ”Big 5” universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL and LSE remain very popular with Concordians, though other prestigious UK universities and courses outside of London are also frequently represented in their choices. Concordians make careful and informed decisions when choosing university and course options. Last year these included Warwick, Manchester, Durham, Edinburgh, and Bristol. Students also go on to attend medical schools outside of London.

In 2023, 69% of places were for World Top 20 universities or medical schools.

Non-UK Destinations



Last year non UK university destinations included: Chicago, UCSD, Michigan, Cornell, UCLA, and Washington in the US, Monash and Melbourne in Australia, Toronto, HKU and universities in Japan, Thailand, China and the Netherlands.

With exceptional results and wide-ranging portfolios, a wide range of degree subjects are open to our students. Popular subjects over recent years have included Medicine, Engineering, Economics/ Management, Law, Natural Sciences/ Biochemistry, Mathematics/ Statistics, Pharmacology, Architecture and many others.




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