World’s top score in English as an Additional Language

Having received a grade 9 for his English as an Additional Language IGCSE last summer, 6.1 student Cyril was delighted to learn that his score in the examinations placed him top in the whole world. This week he received a special certificate from Cambridge International Education.

Cyril’s GCSE English teacher, Head of Lower School, Ms Correll said:
“Cyril always enjoyed reading, especially anything to do with History, and this helped increase his range of vocabulary.

“To achieve full marks in his exam is an exceptional achievement and it is down to his hard work. I am also extremely proud to say that I taught the student who was awarded the highest mark in the world in this exam!

To see him go on to study A level English this year is the icing on the cake.”

Cyril himself was delighted explaining “To get a top score in these exams needs a very high degree of accuracy”. Cyril has continued his studies in English, moving on to an A Level in English Language and Literature.

Concord’s Principal, Dr Truss also commended Cyril for his achievement and hard work. “It is hard to score top marks in these exams and to score the top mark in the whole world is a fantastic achievement”