International Universities

Although coming to boarding school in the UK is, for many, a choice made with the end goal of staying in the UK for university study, Concord also caters for those who would like to look more globally for their higher education.

As part of the support we provide in preparation for university applications, students considering universities outside of the UK can meet with staff who specialise in supporting applications to particular countries. They offer advice and assistance in choosing universities and with the applications process.


In recent years the popularity of courses outside of the UK has grown among Concord students. Some apply to universities in the UK and one or two elsewhere to widen their choice.

The most popular destination countries outside of the UK in recent years have been the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia.

Students have gone on to study at leading universities including Cornell, UC San Diego, Chicago, Columbia, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor Michigan, NYU, UCSD, Melbourne, Monash, Toronto, The University of Hong Kong and HKUST.

Whilst an academic focussed education following a British curriculum clearly benefits students looking to study in the UK after school, it is also an excellent springboard for those who would like to go on elsewhere.

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