Day fees and admissions information

Concord College

Day students are welcome at Concord College and form an important part of the College community.


Termly Day fees for the 2023/24 academic year are £6,100 (£18,300 per annum). Day fees are payable termly in advance of the first day of term. 

(For Boarding fees please refer to the Boarding fees section) 

The College aims to include the key elements of a Concord education in our fees. Our fees include some things that would be added as extra items at some schools.  

What is Included in the Day fees?


  • Tuition  
  • Use of College facilities 
  • Meals (daily lunch and, when remaining on site for activities, supper) 
  • Access to most College clubs and societies (a small number incur an additional charge) 
  • Residential trips which form part of the curriculum including our Outdoor Education trips for Form 3, Form 4 and Sixth Form (see Trips) and GCSE and A Level course required field trips (such as the Form 5 Geography residential trip) 
  • College celebration events such as the annual year group dinners and the Leaver’s Ball in the Sixth Form. 

What is not Included in the Day fees?


  • Public examination fees 
  • Textbooks and stationery 
  • Transport to the College (the College runs a day student bus service from Shrewsbury for which a charge is made)
  • A small number of extracurricular activities incur an extra charge  
  • Private academic or instrumental music tuition 
  • Additional optional trips and activities off-campus. 



Concord recognises that whilst we are an international community, our home is here in Shropshire. In recognition of our links with Shropshire, our aim is that the best day students have the chance to attend Concord irrespective of their family’s financial situation. Only after the place has been awarded will the question of fees be raised. If a family is not in a position to be able to afford the fees, then the College will assist in finding the necessary funds. To find out more about our bursary provision click here  

Once the offer of a place has been made, a deposit must be sent to the College to reserve this place. Deposits vary depending on the status of the child and details can be obtained from the Admissions Secretary.  Deposits will be retained by the College and credited without interest to the final account when the student leaves Concord College. The deposit is normally non-refundable if the student is withdrawn having held a place that could have been offered to another student. 

Anti-money laundering 


The College maintains an anti-money laundering (AML) policy and as part of our normal procedures we may check the names of parents and/or fee payers (including those holding offers and all those in the current offer process). 

Admissions information


Details of our admissions process can be found on the Joining Form 3, Joining Form 4 (GCSE) and Joining Sixth Form pages. 

Concord is academically selective and over-subscribed. The College takes into account past academic performance, academic potential and whether the student’s goals and outlook would allow them to thrive here and contribute to the Concord community, when deciding whether to offer a place. Prospective day students may benefit from a “taster day” either at their own request or as part of the admissions process. 

A personal tour can be arranged prior to application.

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