Our Ethos & Values

Concord College is an international community sharing a culture of excellence and joyful learning infused throughout with our core values of rigour, creativity and kindness.

Our founders created Concord to bring students from different nationalities together to learn and promote harmony and international understanding. This remains a strong and very important part of our purpose today.


The college provides a safe, vibrant and friendly environment in which students can flourish and fulfil their potential. With the support of staff, our students are expected to display mutual respect and to promote harmony, decency and trust.

Our three core values provide direction in our aims for Concord as an institution and as an international and diverse community:


Concord is a centre of excellence that is both academically focused and ambitious.

Concordians are hard-working, confident and resilient.


Concord provides a range of opportunities for students and is forward-thinking in outlook.

Concordians aspire to be independent learners and individual thinkers.


Concord is a caring environment that is diverse, inclusive, joyful and safe.

Concordians are kind, tolerant, respectful and humble.

We understand that everyone in our community is extremely fortunate to be able to live and work at Concord, and that as successful, intelligent and compassionate individuals, Concordians have an opportunity and indeed a responsibility to have a positive influence on those and the world around them.

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