& Bursaries

A number of Scholarships exist for the most able students.  In all cases the candidate must complete the Application Process first before applying for a scholarship.

Boarding Applicants

Sixth Form Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are considered on individual merit and after following the Application Process for a sixth form boarding place candidates are required to submit their GCSE/IGCSE (or equivalent) results to the Principal’s office. Academic Scholarships of between 5 – 10% fee reduction will be awarded to those who achieve 10 A*s/grade 9s (or equivalent). Results should be submitted by the December of the student’s 6.1 year at the College. Scholarships will be awarded in December and will cover the whole of the 6.1 and 6.2 years.

NB Scholarship funds are limited and will be allocated to top students at the Principal’s discretion.

Sixth form boarding applicants can also consider applying for an Anthony Morris Scholarship which is a substantial award to enable a young person to apply to Concord whose family might otherwise be able to afford the fees. The application process involves means testing of the family resources and income to ensure that the scholarships are awarded to those most in need. Click here to find out how to apply.

Continuation Scholarships are awarded by the Principal to the top students progressing from the College’s Form 5 to the Sixth Form. The award applies to the 6.1 and 6.2 academic years.

Top Student Scholarships are awarded by the Principal to Concord students achieving top grades in their AS Examinations. The award applies to the 6.2 academic year only.

Lower School Scholarships

Scholarships for Lower School students are limited and may be awarded in exceptional circumstances for students who demonstrate evidence of academic excellence and potential. Scholarships of 5 -10% may be awarded at the Principal’s discretion.

Day Student Applicants

All candidates must follow the Day Student Application Process.

Sixth Form Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are considered on individual merit and would normally be a 5 – 10% fee reduction. Competition for scholarships is very keen and a student would normally require 10 A*s/grade 9s at GCSE/IGCSE to qualify. Candidates should submit their GCSE/IGCSE results to the Principal’s Office in August if they meet the criteria above.

Lower School Scholarships

Lower School (Year 9) Academic Scholarships are available via competitive examination. Applicants who have performed well in the Lower School entrance examinations will be invited to sit the Scholarship examination in May prior to the year of entry. Maths and science scholarships of between 5 – 20% reduction in fees are awarded dependent upon the performance in the scholarship examination.

Year 10 Academic Scholarships may be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

Bursaries are available to assist parents on lower incomes who wish to send their child to the College.  They are also available to parents whose financial circumstances change while they have a child at the College.  Bursaries are ‘means-tested’ and parents will be required to complete a detailed form in support of their application.  Please apply to the College if you require further information regarding bursaries.