Game, set, match! Julia wins gold

Concord’s Form 4 student, Julia, has been triumphant in the IRC UTR U16 Draw Back (Singles) Tennis tournament, held in Hong Kong over the festive break.

Julia, who is part of Concord’s Elite Sports Programme for her tennis success, started the day in the quarter finals, before advancing to the semi finals and the final. “My main goal was to stay consistent and make as few unforced errors as possible”, recalled Julia, “I started this tournament as the first seed (the player most likely to win the tournament), without having to play qualifiers”.

“This position brought both excitement and an increased sense of pressure. It was like I got a head start, and not winning the tournament would be disappointing!”

The final, which initially pushed Julia to play a defensive game, encouraged her to focus on her strengths and strategy. “The final was ultimately decided by a 10 point tie break. Both of us determined to get the win, we went all out and played our very best tennis, concluding with a tie breaking score”.

“This tiebreak was very special, as I ended the match point with an inside out attacking shot and a smash to my opponent’s backhand corner”.

Upon reflection of the tournament, Julia adds, “my victory serves as a reminder of the importance of preparation, mental resilience and determination”.

She has returned to Concord this term feeling inspired to push her own limits and strive to place her best in every match to continue growing into a stronger and better player. Concord joins Julia in celebrating her great success, and the college is excited to continue aiding her development this year within the Elite Sports Programme.