Sweet Success of Sixth Form Bake Sale

On 13 November, a wonderful Bake Sale was held to raise money for the Stray Cats Rescue Team West Midlands. The result definitely exceeded our expectations!

With the hearts full of warmth and ovens full of delicious treats, we managed to raise over £500 (£530) to support the Stray Cats Rescue Team West Midlands. Your generosity has truly made a difference for our cat friends who are facing financial challenges.

From the perfectly baked cupcakes to delicious cookies, each bite was an effort that came from all of you who stopped by on the day to make a positive impact.

Therefore a huge ‘thank you’ is due to everyone who contributed, whether by baking, purchasing or simply spreading the word! Your support has brought smiles to both us and our cat friends.

Let’s savour the success of this event and look forward to more opportunities to come together as a community.

-6.1 Form.