Art Trip to Liverpool

On the morning of 18th of October, F5, 6.1 and 6.2 art students departed on their trip to Liverpool, where we visited the World Museum and Walker Art Gallery to gather inspiration for our upcoming projects.

The World Museum found its beginnings as the donation of the enormous natural history collection to the town of Liverpool by the 13th Earl of Derby. Over the next 160 years, 6 more museums and galleries were constructed to house the increasing body of artworks and items of historic and scientific significance. Today, the World Museum and Walker Gallery boast a treasury of artefacts such as pre-Raphaelite paintings, Ancient Egyptian sarcophaguses, and even an aquarium, united under the National Museums Liverpool organisation.

Our group had the opportunity to explore the entirety of both establishments over the course of the day, including the Return of the Gods exhibit presenting the ancient characters of Roman and Greek mythology, and the John Moores Painting Prize display of entries of the UK’s longest running painting competition.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to appreciate such a wide range of objects and creations, and I’m sure many of my peers felt the same. The museum and gallery served as the perfect microcosm of history and humanity from exhibits of the Jurassic ages to the newest contemporary paintings. Although we had only visited for a day on very limited time, I found the trip as extremely helpful to the development of my personal project, and am looking forward to the London trip in February, where I will undoubtedly acquire even more valuable inspiration and insight.