Success at Queen’s Model United Nations event

Concord’s Model United Nations team sent two delegations to the Queen’s School’s Model UN conference this weekend, where they represented Albania and Spain in 6 regular committees (Political, Health, Special, Environment and Science, Human Rights and Security Council). The event was hosted by The Queen’s School Chester.


Model United Nations conferences allow students to research, debate and try to solve some of the world’s problems whilst developing an insight into the work of the United Nations and international relations more generally. Delegates represent a particular nation and consider how that nation might respond to a particular issue whilst debating.

Around 220 students attended the Model UN conference, from 13 different schools and the standard of the performance was very high. Despite this, Concord’s teams performed exceptionally well, securing four ‘Outstanding Delegate’ (1st in committee) and four ‘Highly Commended Delegate’ (2nd place in committee) awards.

Mr Bowen, who helps to coordinate MUN events at Concord, attended the event with the students and was very impressed with the performances; “All of our students performed exceptionally well and demonstrated true Concordian spirit in the support they provided to one another and seriousness with which they approached the topics of discussion and conference as a whole”.

Sixth form student, Noah, who took great care in organising, preparing and training the teams for the conference, spoke of the preparation for the event; “Overall, I am very pleased with how our performance on the day reflected our preparation. Sandwiched in between House Arts and exams, it was challenging to find time for the great depths of research and complex resolution writing, but nevertheless we were fully prepared very well equipped for the day”.

In commenting on the performances on the day, Noah proudly added; “The standard of the debates reached very high levels and I am delighted by our results – which were the strongest of any team – especially since for over half of our team it was their first time at a conference. Regardless of the results, the important thing for us as students is that we manage to develop our understanding of the complex global issues we will have to face as a generation and the different perspectives on them, and hence I am deeply grateful to all the team members for their time and commitment, to Mr Bowen and Mr Woods for their time and effort spent supporting us and, of course, to our hosts and opponents on the day for making it possible”.