Half Term Activities

Chester Zoo (Friday 27th October)

Written by: Mavis, Nicholas and Ozy. Forms 4 and 5.

During half term on the 27th of October, some lower school students went on a trip to Chester Zoo. There are over 27,000 animals from 500 species and some of them are endangered, for example, elephants and red pandas. Students explored the beautiful habitats and got closer to some of the amazing wildlife at the zoo. Moreover, they learnt about many facts and information about the animals and the importance to protect them and prevent extinction.

‘My friends and I really enjoyed our time at Chester Zoo. We saw monkeys, rhinos and penguins. We also had an enjoyable meal at the end to finish the day off. One day at Chester Zoo with my friends was just not enough and time passed really quickly when we were there. I would 100% go back again,’ said Nicholas, a F3 student.

“It was an absolute thrill to visit as it had a really big map with a huge variety of animals ranging from bats to lions and so on,” said Ozy, a F4 student. “It was really pleasing to see the animals in their full glory as they were so close to us it felt like you could just reach and touch them, and in some parts of the zoo there were bats flying right in front of you. I heard that a fan favourite were the giraffes and the penguins. I personally found it really adorable that the capybaras were outside and just looking at us. Another awesome gesture of the zoo was that there were many shops, face painting places and a diner, so if you wanted a rest from the long walk you can sit and eat. The shop at the end/beginning was really amazing as it had a ton of animal related souvenirs.

“Overall I would definitely recommend going as it worth the visit and excitement.”

In conclusion, the trip to Chester Zoo was a fresh and unforgettable experience for students and had definitely enabled them to broaden their horizons.

Zip World (Monday 30th October)

Written by: Hayden, Form 5.

“It was genuinely the best trip over half term. I really enjoyed the zip world, and the vastness of the cave truly amazes me.” Says Hayden, a Form 5 student.

Concord’s Lower School students had enjoyed an activity-packed holiday, including a visit to zip world in North Wales. The zip world was a former cave for coal mining and has been renovated as a massive underground park.

“Going to Zip World was an experience unique to North Wales. We jumped freely on a series of nets and slides, all of which were located in a lit underground cave! Then, the guide gave us a tour of a slate mine, with interesting stories and movies. It was a fun experience with a mix of play and learning about the past and Wales’ culture. “ – Sunny Bae, form 4 student

Students particularly enjoyed the underground trampoline inside. “The trampoline was the highlight of the trip. It was huge and had multiple floors, all of us had fun and this makes the whole trip really unforgettable.” Adds Hayden.


Shrewsbury Prison (Wednesday 1st November)

Written by: Ozy, Form 4.

It was wonderful that we got to see the Shrewsbury Prison as it faced us with reality of how prisons used to function and how they are functioning now and that even the prison itself as a building is really complex as if you were an officer working there you would have to know where to go, since it’s absolutely massive. We were introduced to the daily work of prisoners, what happens when someone is sentences to death penalty by hanging and we got to escape prison in a really fun escape room that was designed to make you really think about what clues you have and what you can do. It was interesting to learn about all the safety precautions that officers need to know to not let the prisoners harm themselves or other and it was a surprise to me that even in prison back then there was a lot of tries to escape and a lot of ‘business’ between the inmates. It is something that is really close to us yet none of us had really known about it, so learning about it was extremely insightful.