Modern Languages

A different language is a different vision of life.


Federico Fellini

In an ever-increasing globalised world, languages are a way to treasure the international diversity of cultures and traditions that the world can offer.


As an international school, diversity is an important part of Concord and our modern languages subjects are vibrant and successful. We have native speakers forming part of our highly experienced team to pass on a deep love of languages within a context of high academic rigour and excellence. Our goal is not just to inspire a love of language-learning and help our students become confident users of the language, but also to give our students the edge that a language qualification now provides. 

The three main languages taught in Concord are French, German and Spanish.

Students who are native linguists of Russian or Chinese are also supported through GCSE and A Level examinations if they wish. 



A*/B at A Level (French, German, Spanish – all 3) (2023)


7-9 at GCSE (both German and Spanish) (2023)

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Pearson Edexcel

Mode of Assessment

100% examination

French, Spanish and German are taught from a beginner’s level at Concord. Students sit the Edexcel International GCSE in Form 5, comprising of three papers covering the core language skills- Listening, Reading and Writing, and Speaking. 

Students taking French, German and Spanish build secure foundations in grammatical accuracy along with cultural elements, enabling them to reach for top grades in the subjects. 

A Level


Mode of assessment
100% examination

At Concord, students can study French and Spanish and German at A Level. The high level of native-speaker input that our teaching team deliver, as well as individualised teaching, provides students with a rich and vibrant language-learning experience in Sixth Form. Students study the grammatical and linguistic aspect of the languages, but they are taught in the context of the language’s history, culture, society, and literary works. 


The opportunities at university for students with a language A Level are wide and include Law, Business, and Language courses including Linguistics and Translation. Languages at A Level are respected by both universities and employers as academically demanding and knowledge of languages helps gain work in the world of business. Students who have studied languages equip themselves with transferable skills such as autonomy, resourcefulness, creativity and cognitive flexibility that will enable them to proceed to further study or employment.

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