Religious Studies

We may have different religions, different languages, different coloured skin, but we all belong to one human race.


—Kofi Annan

Religious Studies explores the big questions which echo through the ages – Is there a God? What do the Holy texts say? How should we live, regardless of any theistic belief? We also encounter divisive issues which demand ethical consideration in each generation.  


Concord’s international nature allows students to learn about different beliefs, ethics and philosophies alongside friends who practice these faiths. This enhances critical thinking, encourages conversation and allows students to develop a high-level understanding of social issues. 

Form 3

In Form 3, all students have Religious Studies lessons, in which they consider concepts of faith, ethics and philosophy in an atmosphere of openness and with an appreciation of the views of others. Students are taught to consider the impact of their worldview and to structure arguments before reaching conclusions.This empathetic skill is very telling of our ethos at Concord, as the word itself means harmony. 



Mode of assessment
100% examination

At GCSE, Religious Studies students will focus on two major world religions, exploring, comparing and contrasting their beliefs and practices. They spend time investigating attitudes to vital issues such as the value of life, human rights and peace and conflict. 


Success in the Religious Studies GCSE opens students up to a world of harmony and openness to understanding others. The skills acquired through the course are useful for university studies that require an essay subject such as Accounting and Finance, Law and Management. 

Concord College Alumni Barney at Parliament London


“Religious Studies offers an invaluable perspective in understanding the modern world. It provides you with a unique insight into what motivates people and how this can interact with politics, economics, the environment and much much more. It also helps you build up a depth of knowledge of the faiths and belief systems that people may adhere to- something critical for anyone wanting to build relationships with people from all over the world”.


– Barney, Head Prefect (2021) now studying at Kings College London

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