Economics is taught within the Humanities Department at Concord. In Form 4 and Form 5 (Years 10 & 11), students can opt to take the Cambridge IGCSE course. This course which has been followed since 2011 has proved very popular with students. It is demanding, but gives the students a good understanding of the economic world around them. It is also an excellent foundation for the A-level economics course.

In year 6.1 (Year 12) students can take the Edexcel AS Economics course, and the vast majority will then continue with the subject in year 6.2 (Year 13) to gain the Edexcel Economics A-level. Students have two A-level Economics teachers. Macroeconomics and Microeconomics units are taught concurrently, with four lessons each per week. As well as adding variety, this also allows students to rapidly gain the economic knowledge necessary to start applying it to real world situations, making sense of the economic issues in the news. The course has considerable academic rigour and develops a wide variety of skills, from extended writing to evaluation techniques.

There are a variety of internal and external competitions offered to economics students. These include an annual internal essay-writing competition, the external Royal Economics Society Young Economist of the Year essay competition, the Bank of England Competition and the Student Investor Competition. In addition, there is an Economics Discussion Group which meets regularly with the aim of stretching students’ economic knowledge beyond the restriction of exam board specifications.

Accounting at Concord is offered as an AS course delivered over two years. Students study for the AQA AS Accounting examination. The course allows students to build a knowledge and understanding of complex accounting procedures, dealing with double-entry bookkeeping, control accounts and accounting for depreciation. The understanding and competence gained in accounting theory and procedure will be a highly desirable skill in many of the students’ future professions. The course also links strongly with the external Student Investor Competition.

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