The Modern Languages department in Concord offers vibrant teaching in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.  Students make excellent progress in language-learning in Concord, with a high-level of contact with teachers who are native speakers in each of the languages offered, and small class sizes.  In Form 3, students have lessons in French and Spanish, and are also offered Mandarin Chinese or German as an option.  Around fifty students carry on to GCSE in one or more of these languages, and are able to progress to A level, where they benefit from highly individualised teaching.  Results in all of these languages are excellent.  Students are also able to improve their knowledge of languages through a variety of extra-curricular activities, including trips abroad, debating competitions against local schools at A level, visits to Concord by foreign language theatre companies, and various language competitions.  Concord has also developed links with Oxford and Cambridge Universities for Modern Languages, enabling us to prepare students to study languages at the highest level.

At GCSE, students follow the Edexcel  IGCSE course in French German and Spanish, with three exams at the end of the two years, in Speaking, Listening, and a combined Reading and Writing exam.  GCSE Mandarin Chinese is also now offered as an extra option to able linguists, and native speakers of both Chinese and Russian are able to take a GCSE in their language, and are supported in this by native speaker teachers of these languages.

At A-level, languages combine well with all other A level subject choices, and an A level in a foreign language opens up additional career choices.  A-Level students of French, German and Spanish follow the AQA  exam course, and are taught in small groups or individually, giving them a high level of teaching and  language-learning.   Native speakers of Russian and Chinese are offered extra support if they wish to take an A level in their own language.  A-levels in Modern Languages are highly respected as academic qualifications by universities when applying for almost any degree course, as well as for a dedicated language degree.