Preparation students investigate sustainable energy sources

Thursday August 2, 2018

A group of students at Concord have been given valuable insights into advances in nuclear fusion, that could open up the possibility of limitless, sustainable energy. The five students, who are currently studying a Natural Sciences programme – one of Concord’s newest University Preparation courses, were ‘thrilled’ by their recent lecture. Professor Roddy Vann, who is Fusion CDT Programme Director and Natural Sciences Director at the University of York delivered a two-part seminar as part of the students’ two week learning experience. Professor Vann gave an overview of Natural Sciences and the benefits of studying such a subject at higher education, before delivering key application advice and guidance on choosing the right university. Concord’s Course Liaison Coordinator, Mrs Zoe Torsney said: “Our courses are designed to give academically able students the opportunity to explore different subjects at undergraduate level, so that they can make well-informed decisions when they complete their UCAS applications at the start of their 6.2 year. “The courses inspire students as they prepare for the next stage of their academic careers, and give them the confidence to make competitive university applications.” Later on, Professor Vann discussed the ‘global energy crisis’ and its wider implications on society. Students were able to explore solutions to this issue, including topics of transport modifications, energy generation, combinative power sources and effective home building. One Natural Sciences pupil said: “The professor was very good at contextualising the modern world problems we face, and importantly, from different perspectives. “It all eventually tied up to the topic of fusion – his current research.” Lastly, Prof. Vann deliberated on nuclear fusion being one of the most promising attempts to generate ‘free’ electricity and the state of research in this field. Two students added: “He is an expert in this field of work. He painted a very clear picture regarding the current research status, but also the active challenges that remain for fusion.” Mrs Torsney added, “The feedback from our courses has been fantastic thus far. We already have an exciting programme of returning academics for 2019, and will be taking bookings soon via Concord’s website.”