hear of drug development for cancer treatment

Monday August 7, 2017

Students preparing to apply to medical schools have been hearing how a drug is being developed for cancer treatment. Professor Weiguang Wang of the University of Wolverhampton was addressing students on an intensive two week medicine preparation programme at Concord. He was one of 21 guest speakers, from medical professionals to academics from top Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, who have featured in the medicine preparation programme. Professor Wang, who specialises in drug development and experimental cancer therapeutics, spoke of his work on the drug Disulfiram Antabuse which is used for alcohol addiction. He said development of the drug for different cancers, particularly pancreatic cancer, involved the use of nanotechnology. Said Professor Wang:  “We want to improve this drug which only lasts for four minutes in the blood. “We want to achieve a life saving drug which would therefore be a major breakthrough in giving patients a better qualify of life.  Good quality of life is most important. “At the same time, we are collaborating with many universities in this country and Cancer Research UK is going to support us with the drug development. “Finance has been forthcoming from the European Union and our work is also being supported by brain tumour, breast and pancreatic cancer charities.” Professor Wang, who joined the University of Wolverhampton as a senior lecturer in 2005, said the students had given his cancer therapy talk a good reaction.  “They were interested and understood,” he added. Olivia Baker, 20, who is studying medicine at Cambridge University, has been a course assistant and supervisor when speakers have visited the college. She said:  “The students found Professor Wang’s talk really interesting and encouraging.  They were interested in the use of drugs, which have already been proven in humans, for other conditions.”