library extension provides ‘the perfect environment to study’

Friday January 11, 2019

Students returning to Concord at the start of the spring term were ‘excited’ to be using the new library study space for the first time. The extension to the library has provided much needed extra study space which staff say will be particularly appreciated by those studying for exams. With the library continuously busy during weekdays, evenings and weekends, the opening of ‘Pin Drop’ – the name given to the extension – has proven to be a welcome addition to facilities. The 25 additional spaces in ‘Pin Drop’ have taken the total number of study spaces in the library to 150. With 19 new students joining at the start of term, the overall student numbers are now at a record 598. Librarian Mrs Anne Williams said Concord was now able to seat a quarter of the student body at any one time which is above the National Library Association recommendation that a minimum of 10% of the student population should be able to be seated at any one time. Said Mrs Williams: “We have long needed more space in the library due to expanding student numbers as well as a high demand for space for independent study. “The library is open from 8.00 am. to 10.00 pm seven days a week and the newly created study room is already being very heavily used. “Students can be seen making a beeline for the facility and we are pleased that it has received a very positive reaction.  They have been very excited at being able to use the library’s new study room for the first time. “Each study space in the room has a laptop charging port which students are also finding very useful.  They can charge their laptops whilst working which is beneficial as so many study resources are now online.” The name ‘Pin Drop’ has particularly appealed to student librarian Anna (F5).  “It is a very easy name to remember and it fittingly describes a silent study room,” she said. Said Florencia (6.2) also one of 10 student librarians: “With the creation of the new study space, the main library itself is not so crowded anymore.” She added that the role of the student librarians was to tidy the book shelves, sort out the new books and put up displays. Senior Prefect Minjun (6.2) said: “The new facility is very spacious and has provided a perfect atmosphere for study.  The new space encourages you to work at your best and the charging points are very helpful.” Roman also in 6.2 added: “It is absolutely great - I absolutely love the tables, they are the perfect size, really spacious and everything fits perfectly on them. The air circulation in the room is great. It is a perfect environment to study in.”