for Dime’ student initiative supports people of Indonesia

Tuesday December 4, 2018

Students from Concord’s Indonesian Society have been raising valuable funds to donate to Palu, Indonesia, following a fatal earthquake and tsunami in September. The project, #DineForDime was set up by the students and comprised of the society cooking three course meals for other Concord pupils and staff; offering ‘fine dining’ as well as take-out meals. 6.1 pupil, Katherine, on behalf of the Indonesian Society, said: “When we heard news of the devastation that had struck our home country, our hearts were deeply saddened, and we knew we had to do something to help. “Our goal was to offer an affordable, but comfortable dining experience outside of the Concord norm, to support those who had suffered and lost so much.” Fellow sixthformers, Jeremy and Jozka added: “The entire society came together to contribute to this project. “We were assigned different tasks over the course of 5 nights, such as prepping, cooking, serving and washing up. “Every night, we worked together to provide all of our diners with an enjoyable experience in the student kitchen; great food and equally good hospitality – all for a good cause.” £1200 was raised from the #DineForDime meals, whilst further donations contributed to another £1105. The money has since been sent to UNICEF Indonesia, to a programme designed to help young and vulnerable children, those who may have lost parents and loved ones. Jeremy said: “As well as crucial healthcare, we believe that the people of Palu should not lose out on the opportunity to complete their studies. “As students, we understand how precious education is, so we hope the money raised can also help young people continue their future educational endeavours.” Reflecting on the initiative, 6.1 student, Annelie said: “Initiatives such as this one help to shine a light on those who need attention and support most. “It encourages other students to do their part for meaningful causes they care about.” Jozka added: “The provision from the school and student body has been tremendous. We are so grateful for the support. “As well as crucial fundraising, it’s provided us with a sense of pride, to see fellow Concordians supporting this cause, from all different countries and backgrounds, during such devastation.”