alumni support students in preparation for university life

Wednesday December 12, 2018

Earlier in the term returning Concord alumni presented personal and insightful accounts into the realities of university life. An annual event at Concord, the hour long session was presented to all 6.2 students, as part of the college’s current PSHE provision. The speakers were Celine Pang (2011-2016) studying Material Science and Engineering at Sheffield, Dana Palii (2014-2016) studying Economics with Management at Durham, and Zoe Mountford (2010-2015) recently graduated from Warwick, with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Concord’s Head of PSHE, Ms Caroline Desvaux said: “These annual presentations are designed to help our sixth formers prepare for university. “They highlight the realities of university living from academic matters and managing workloads, to drinking and healthy relationships, and also practical life skills including laundry and cooking. “Our alumni have a unique insight into the lives of our students from their own experiences at Concord – which makes the sessions even more beneficial.” Dr Rob Pugh, Assistant Principal (University Entry & Careers) added: “Naturally, the focus for many of our students is to achieve the very best university offers that they can. As a result, planning for the entirely new lifestyle that university study will present to them is not always a priority. “The reality is that undergraduate students who are happy are much more likely to be successful, so the advice and recommendations of the alumni on how to be safe and secure was invaluable." Said alumna, Zoe: “My presentation provided a blend of social, academic and employment tips. Concord helped me prepare for university, so I wanted to return the favour as a result of my own experiences. “In terms of academic advice, I explained the structure of lectures, seminars and exams, in addition to establishing a good relationship with your tutor. “Then we discussed social lives, drinking, nights out and peer pressure. On the social side, safety is paramount; I offered advice on how to stay safe on nights out and sorting out accommodation too." Concord’s Alumni Officer, Mrs Sara Eastwood said: “We are very grateful to Celine, Dana and Zoe for giving up their time and sharing their insights into relevant issues of university living. “Concord’s Alumni Network thrives on members helping each other, so it’s incredible to see even our recent leavers so willing to give back to the Concord community.” Ms Desvaux reiterated: “I’d like to thank our alumni for returning to Concord to help our 6.2 students. We were really grateful to have you here.”