Mr Hawkins assists with ‘Education Advisers’ webinar

Friday June 4, 2021

Earlier this week, Concord Principal Mr Neil Hawkins joined Education Advisers Ltd as a panel expert – delivering a webinar on choosing the right school, to parents and educational agents eager to learn more. Education Advisers, who run the UK’s ‘Best Schools’ website, aims to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate information about the vast range of opportunities for students within the UK independent schools sector. They have recently set up informative Zoom webinars with guest panellists to achieve this. Mr Hawkins was joined by Ms Mary Murayama, a qualified teacher, and Managing Director of Education Advisers, as well as Mr John Zhang, a Durham University alumnus, whose son is now studying at a UK boarding school. And Mr Hawkins’ inclusion comes after Concord won its ninth Best Schools crystal award in as many years, being named as one of the country’s top five co-educational boarding schools. The rankings are based on Concord’s national league table positions and examination results in 2019 (due to Covid-19 and the temporary suspension of league tables in 2020) when the college achieved its best-ever A level results with 97% of grades awarded at A*/B and 100% at A*/C. The webinar focussed on three topics:
  • UK Independent School League Tables
  • How do the top-ranked schools get the top results?
  • How to choose the best school for your child
A spokesperson for Education Advisers said: “Despite publishing the league tables and promoting private schools' academic success, we always advise parents that there is a lot more to consider. “The webinar addressed academic fit, personal fit and other important considerations.” Managing Director, Ms Murayama added: “It's always invaluable to have an outside expert to contribute to the discussion, so thank you so much to Mr Hawkins for participating in our most recent webinar. “Mr Hawkins’ insights and contributions were inspiring and valuable and I’m sure really useful for the attendees, as well as a wonderful reflection of Concord and its successes.”