A Level Results 2021

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Congratulations to our leavers of 2021 on their A level results.  Our 6.2 students have been awarded most impressive grades with 76% of A level grades at A* and 94 % at A*/A. This is against national figures that are likely to be in the region of 19% at A* and 45% at A*/A respectively. These results are by far the highest in Concord’s history on every measure. There are a huge number of success stories: a third of the 6.2 leavers (52 students) achieved 4 A*s or more and two third (96 students) achieved 3 A*s or more. Ten students achieved an outstanding 4 A*s at A level and an EPQ A*. Congratulations to Felicia, Judy, Emma, Amber, George, Duong, Louis, Mark, Fabian and Jim. Said Concord Principal Mr Neil Hawkins: “I am truly delighted for our leavers of 2021 that their final A level grades are so fantastic.  These outcomes are well deserved by such a magnificent group of young people whose sixth form education and system of grading has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. “The resilience, determination and focus they have displayed has been inspiring.  It is also wonderful that with these results so many are able to access top universities and courses.  It is this unlocking of the next stage of life that is the true point of any grading system. “Most important of all however are the values, resilience and soft skills with which young people are equipped. These can’t easily be measured but will carry them through life long after grades are forgotten. It is on this measure that Concord’s 2021 leavers are truly winners. Through 18 months of adversity they have proved that they are fine young people who have the potential to make the world a better place. “I wish them happiness, success and fulfilment in the next stage of their lives. In what has been an unprecedented year in terms of academic disruption, I would like to thank the whole Concord staff for the work that went in during the year, during lockdown, during the process of grading and over the past years to make such outcomes possible. “The kind and rigorous atmosphere that is created here at Concord perpetuates an environment in which such extraordinary success seems normal.  This is a wonderful collective achievement.”