Department launches Online Music Showcase Festival competition

Friday June 25, 2021

Over a week ago, Concord’s Music Department launched its first Online Music Showcase Festival competition, with students across the college invited to take part. The aim of the festival – to showcase the range of creative musical talent at the college and to be as inclusive as possible. Concord’s Head of Music, Mr Stavros Kokkinos was delighted to share the competition with staff and students via email. Wrekin College’s Director of Music since 2014, Mr Simon Platford was invited to judge the competition, and students’ pieces were meticulously reviewed. Mr Kokkinos said: “Whilst there were no specific assessment criteria, entrants had to justify their choice of repertoire by recording an introductory speech to accompany their performance.” The winning entries were announced via the Music Department’s YouTube channel, in a dedicated showcase video. Click here to watch it. Said Mr Kokkinos: “A big thanks goes to all musicians who took time out of their busy end of year schedules to practice and submit their recordings and also to their music teachers for helping them achieve the high performing standards on display. “Thanks also go to our independent adjudicator Mr Platford who awarded the prizes to the winning entries, and also to Concord’s Mr Gluck for the video recording and editing.” The winning entries were as follows: Bee, Form 5: Collaboration category (joint winner) Leonid, Form 5: Collaboration category (joint winner) Yiqian, 6.1: Arts Influences category (joint winner) Sammi, 6.1: Arts Influences category (joint winner) Sammi, 6.1: My Story category Joey, 6.1: Pop category (joint winner) Hugo, 6.1: Pop category (joint winner) Mark, 6.2: Resilience category Darwin, Form 4: Literature Influences category Hugo, 6.1: Improvisation category Sammi, 6.1: Classical Music category Form 5 student Bee, who was a joint winner of the Collaboration category – and also the recent recipient of Concord’s Junior Frank Bell Prize, said ‘the experience was thrilling.’ “It was a great competition: very easy to register and the process in general was very smooth. It gave me an incredible opportunity to showcase my ability. “Leo and I got to play the main theme song from 'Amelie'. “Of course, not everything went to plan. We had hiccups along the way, for example during recordings and we had to record again and again. “Although Leo and I won in our category, I feel like there is lots to learn from – Maybe, we could've played with more emotions and be more in sync at one part of the piece. “Nevertheless, the fact that we won blew my mind – honestly! I am obviously exhilarated and proud to win the Collaboration category.” 6.1 student Sammi, with ten years of piano experience, won three categories and said: “Concord provides me an excellent environment to develop my musical talent with adequate facilities and supportive teachers. “The competition gave me a perfect chance to showcase what I have prepared throughout the year. “I would have never imagined myself winning 3 categories, and it’s only motivated me to continue to enhance my playing to the next level.”