West End Café and Shop extends product range

Tuesday August 24, 2021

Last year, it was announced that Concord’s West End Café was being extended and developed into an essentials on-site shop and online shopping platform for students and staff. Concord wanted to maximise the safety of its students and staff, eradicating the need for non-essential travel, creating an improved shopping experience for those living on-site. For the second year running, the café and shop has extended its services, stocking an increased range of foods and essentials, ahead of the start of term. Want to make a pre-order? Visit West End Café Manager, Mr Nauman and brother Mr Meeran, Business Manager, have operated the snack shop for over 6 years – but were ‘delighted’ to share its second development in as many years. Mr Meeran said: “We have already stocked the essentials ready for students as soon as they arrive onto campus. We have toiletries, stationary, phone chargers, UK adapters, comfort foods and snacks that they can indulge in while they isolate. “For those homely touches, we have increased our international food range this year. Especially during the quarantine period, students can benefit from a range of international favourites we have to offer. “Furthermore, after students’ quarantine period is ended and they are able to visit us in person, we will be increasing vegan offerings from the chilled section, including Ben & Jerry Vegan ice creams. “We have also introduced a pop-corn machine. We will be offering freshly made sweet and salty popcorn throughout the week, especially on weekends for student movie nights and other social or charity events.” Students and parents are able to pre-order items through the West End Shop’s dedicated website, which will be delivered to student boarding rooms. Menus will also be posted into student boarding residences. Speaking of their aims for the year ahead, Mr Meeran added: “We aim, like all years, to a be a safe, focal, and friendly part of students’ time at Concord. We aim to continually improve the welcoming, reliable and trustworthy service that we have provided our students in the past years. “I would highly recommend that students and parents pre-order ahead of the start of term – and that they do so as soon as possible – as we can begin organising these ahead of the busy arrivals period.” Concord’s Health and Safety Officer, Mrs Lesley Carter said: “The introduction of the West End Shop provided a huge boost for the students last year as they could pre-order and ‘click and collect’ or visit the shop to buy their essentials. “During a very challenging period, Nauman and the team provided a consistent and quality service, listening to and where possible accommodating students requests and always with a friendly smile.” Students and parents are still able to submit order requests for any errands or items not currently stocked in the shop or website (past examples have included bespoke birthday cakes and flowers), by emailing Mrs Carter added: “We are looking forward to welcoming the students back to campus for the start of the new term and hope the students will continue to support the West End Café and Shop. I’m positive that the extended range of products available will be a huge hit with the students.”