aspiring medics ‘wowed’ at Operating Theatre Live

Thursday February 13, 2020

On Sunday 9th February, 60 of Concord’s prospective medical students experienced an exciting hands-on medical workshop delivered by Operating Theatre Live – the UK's leading dissection-based surgical school workshop provider. The award-winning Operating Theatre Live event offers a curriculum linked learning experience based around the dissection of real anatomical specimens in a ‘real’ operating theatre, and Concord was ‘delighted’ to host this, according to Head of Science, Mr Barry Brown. The programme – built by a consortium of acclaimed doctors and teachers – ‘wowed’ students, according to 6.1 student, Hannah. Said Hannah: “Throughout the day we explored theories of anatomy both using detailed diagrams and hands-on practical sessions, including dissecting organs and organ systems. “We were able to examine a pig’s head, specifically it’s brain and eyes, then we moved onto the lungs, heart and liver. “An important lesson that many of us learnt was that handling these organs required a very fine balance between strength and delicacy. “It was also very interesting to note that even in one organ, there is such a wide range of tissues – and that takes a lot a skill to differentiate between the different layers, and to judge how much pressure is required to handle such structures around an organ. For many, this was an experience that cultivated an even stronger passion for biology.” For fellow 6.1 student, Mark, the experience was equally as inspiring; a good link to theories previously studied at GCSE level, and a welcome opportunity to learn at a more advanced level. Said Mark: “I particularly enjoyed the dissection of the heart because it’s one of the organs we know more about from the GCSE curriculum. “Examining it, we made cuts down either side of the septum and lifted flaps of cardiac muscle out of the way, exposing bright white Chordae Tendineae, which we were encouraged to hold one of and carry the heart, to exhibit it’s incredibly high tensile strength. “The session was an eye-opening experience – literally at times, and I’m sure we can all be grateful for the exposure we’ve been given to dissections.” Mark added: “As prospective medics or dentists, it’s important that we train our minds against potentially squeamish situations involving blood and gore in preparation for medical school. For me, it was great fun!”