6-month ‘Pupdate’ from Guide Dogs

Wednesday July 14, 2021

Yesterday, Concord received its second official ‘Pupdate’ from Guide Dogs regarding the college’s sponsored guide dog puppy, Harmony. Harmony – named after the definition of Concord, is a female Labrador cross Golden Retriever from a litter of twelve puppies, all of whom were welcomed into the Guide Dogs’ training scheme at the start of 2021. In an official letter from Guide Dogs, Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Maria Novell said: “I hope the college is enjoying following the development of Harmony, as she continues on her quest to become a guide dog. “Since I last contacted you, Harmony has grown and developed – that once tiny, uncoordinated bundle of fluff already seems a distant memory. “Harmony has improved further in her training and learnt lots of new things – we’ve spoken to her Puppy Raiser, Geraldine, to find out how they’re getting on.” According to Geraldine, Harmony is an affectionate dog and loves tummy tickles and head massages, but more importantly, she has been thriving in her training. “Harmony has been honing a new skill – her recall, on the free runs she’s been able to enjoy since receiving the last of her vaccinations. She is learning to come back to both the voice and whistle prompts as soon as they are given. “She loves playing with her doggy friends and is very well-mannered when interacting with them.” Harmony will soon start wearing the Guide Dogs puppy jacket when she’s out on training walks, which is useful for showing people that she is in training and shouldn’t be distracted. Harmony will also try her paws at visiting busy town centres and exploring the world around them, as well as practising walking up and down flights of stairs and going in and out of different style lifts, in addition to travelling on different modes of public transport, including buses and trains. Maria Novell added: “This is great exposure for the pups as it gets them used to different environments and experiences – Harmony has been great everywhere she’s been taken so far, so we hope this continues. A further update will be posted when Harmony reaches 8 months old.