student’s letter shared with audience of 1.1 million online

Tuesday September 10, 2019

A 2019 Concord leaver has had a letter submission posted online to over 1.1 million people by national newspaper, The Star, in Malaysia. Ian, who left Concord this summer to pursue a degree in Medicine at St George, University of London said he ‘felt responsible’ as a global citizen and medical enthusiast, to increase public awareness on medical errors and their effects. The letter, which was submitted to the newspaper and later published on Facebook to a vast audience, was based on Ian’s Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) topic: “What are the primary causes of medical errors and how can they be reduced?” – of which Ian scored an excellent A grade. When asked about the inspiration behind the topic, Ian said: “It was ‘The Quality of Health’ questionnaire from my work experience at Manchester Christie Hospital; it highlighted efforts by doctors to learn from patient experience. “This inspired me to find out more about the imperfections of medicine and what some of the possible errors are, made by doctors.” “Unfortunately, I missed out on an A* for my EPQ by one mark, but I’m proud of my letter publication and feel proud that I am able to make a small impact on our Malaysian community.” Ian added: “The project itself was rigorous, but worthwhile and very fulfilling. “I would like to thank Dr Pugh. I am really blessed to have been under his tutorage.  He is very committed, supportive and reasonable, and I very much enjoyed the sessions he provided. “Without the expertise and guidelines from all of Concord’s academic tutors, this wouldn’t have been possible. Their feedback and support was crucial.” After his news submission, Ian has since stated that he wishes to pursue the topic in the future. Said Ian: “I hope to write more articles to share my findings. “If given the chance at university, I would like to write more medical research papers given my prior experience. “Medicine is a life subject and it's ever-changing. It has taught me ongoing learning, improvements and self-reflection. My experiences have not only tested my grit but kept me interested to find out more of what medicine has to offer.” Click here to read Ian’s article submission online.