donates £3800 to Ebo Town Community Nursery School

Monday November 25, 2019

Concord has donated an amazing £3800 to the Ebo Town Community Nursery School project in The Gambia – providing vital funds to build a roof for the school. Not for the first time, Concord’s Library Department and Prefects have been fundraising through second-hand book sales. Both former and current students have kindly donated their old textbooks and revision guides to support the initiative. In 2017, Concord’s Outreach team made an initial donation of £250 to the project – which was set up in 2016. Then, in 2017, Concord donated a further £6000. The latest fundraising through second-hand book sales brings the total donated to just over £10,000. 6.2 student, Pepita said: “When donating the recent cheque, I realised how lucky I am to have such a necessity – a roof, and how much of an impact the simple things makes on our lives. “I am very delighted to have been able to make a difference in the children's lives by, collectively, providing them with shelter, and more importantly a place to further their education.” Said Paula Howells, the Founder of the project: “I’d like to thank Concord so much for the kind donation last week, as well as previous years. “Sponsors are what enable us to keep doing the work we do, and plant seeds for the future so to speak! It makes such a difference in supporting children, their education and opportunities, as well as their families. The work will begin imminently.” 6.1 student Anna, who spoke to Paula, said: “I initially did not know how much of a difference we would be making to the Ebo Town Community project. “However, after seeing photos and hearing Paula say how the money we've raised will really make lives better for the little children there and their families, I was genuinely touched and felt truly happy for them inside my heart. “This made me realise that small actions really matter and make a difference.” And upon paying the builders last week, Paula added: “Pinch me! The roof is going on and the dream is coming true thanks to all the hard work happening at Concord.” Anyone interested in donating and supporting this life-changing project can visit the Ebo Town website or email: