update of Concord’s support for Lalibela Primary School

Wednesday January 13, 2021

Following Concord’s unique fundraiser last term – virtually pedalling to Lalibela Primary School in Ethiopia – Concord’s Mr Steven Cale has been telling of the life-changing outcome of the donations. Said Mr Cale of the Geography Department, and co-founder of Concord’s school charity, Soil of Amhara: “After virtually pedalling over 8600km last term, staff, students and the wider Concord community helped raise over £3500, to spend on refurbishing four old, abandoned classrooms. “With 1900 students now and the school day split into segments to accommodate such numbers, we want to contribute to tangible changes – something that’s both beneficial for the current cohort and the future students of Lalibela.” “I’m delighted that the School Director, Ato Tesfalem has already sent us photos of the progress so far, renovating one of the classrooms back to use. “Progress has been swift, firstly using soil and water to level the walls, then the gypsum was used to finish the walls. The interior ceiling of the classroom has been fixed and metalwork has been undertaken to repair damaged windows too. “Students at Lalibela were back in the first classroom even before enjoying the start of the Ethiopian Christmas holidays – traditionally celebrated on January 7th.” Said Concord student, Anika, on behalf of the Outreach Society: “We are so grateful for all the donations and involvement from students, staff and parents. “Not only has our shared kindness improved the children's study environment and future learning opportunities, but it has also brought us immense happiness and satisfaction to see the changes.” In an email to the college, Ato Tesfalem and the children of Lalibela Primary School have sent their shared thanks to all at Concord who have made this change possible. Added Mr Cale: “I look forward to seeing how progress develops as the hard work continues. “I will now be sending more of the funds raised, to use for other classrooms and painting.” Concord will continue to provide build updates on the website and social media channels.