A tour of the new Science Block

Sixth form Marketing Prefects Michael Lang and Heidi Vuong were the first students to be shown around new Science Block at Concord in December during the final phase of its construction. Both were impressed with the scale and design of the new facility.

Said Michael: “The new science block is huge and I was just so shocked as the building is so much bigger than it actually looks from the outside. The facilities look pristine and the design of it is very minimalistic and beautiful.

“I am of course honoured to have been one of the first students to have been inside the science block and I really do hope that the rest of the school looks forward to it being opened in January,” he added.

Said Heidi: “I was very surprised and impressed at how big and modern the new science block is. When students talk of the new block, we talk about it very casually. We don’t realize how much effort and thought were put in into building the block: having the idea to build this, designing, the builders working hard, Mrs Carter having to block the roads for safety reasons , from the little things to the big things.

“I really appreciate it that Concord puts into so much effort to provide many of its students with the best learning experience. The fact that the school decided to build this makes me really appreciate how Concord works really hard to prioritize improving its students’ welfare and learning experience.”