Swimming Gala 2024

Pankhurst was the winning house in a year where 8 College swimming records were broken! These include Sophie who took 7 seconds off the previous Form 5 Girls backstroke, Mirza who took 8 seconds off the 6.2 Boys backstroke and Henry who broke the Lower School Boys backstroke record that has been held since 1997.

2024 Swimming Gala


Written by Sofia, Form 4

“One of my favourite Concord House events is by far the Swimming Gala. Each year, dozens of students gather around the swimming pool to support their house. Fast-paced and exciting, this event is exciting to take part in and even more exciting to watch. This year, the competition was close, with so many talented swimmers racing against each other. There was no shortage of support as well, as the poolside was packed with an exhilarated spectators, cheering on their friends. Overall, the Swimming Gala has some of the best House spirit of any Concord event – a true highlight of the year.”


Written by Park, Form 4

“The atmosphere at the swimming gala was fun and exciting with students and staff both attending to compete and cheer for their house. My favourite part of the swimming gala was the relays where I saw my friends fighting tooth and nail to achieve victory. In particular Teresa’s freestyle team consisting of Alex, Tata, TJ and Sophie performed outstandingly leading to them beating the record at an astonishing time of 1 minute 9 seconds. While they were disqualified due to starting early I believe the effort they and all the other competitors put in to achieve such remarkable scores is truly admirable and I look forward to seeing them race next year.”


Written by Adan, Form 4

“The atmosphere at the swimming gala today was exciting, many students and house members attended to cheer for their house and their peers. The competition was quite fierce as everyone was trying their best to win their races and helping their house to gain a higher ground in the house competition. Some were celebrating their victory while some seem to be quite gutted as they couldn’t achieve their goals despite all the effort they put in. As a Gandhi house member, although it’s such a pity that we came last, I believe that this will only motivate us to try even harder in upcoming house events such as tag rugby and sports day.”


Written by Joy, Form 4

“The swimming gala is one of the largest house events at Concord. The atmosphere was bustling as the audience gathered behind the line to watch and cheer on their house and friends. PE teachers, staff members and lifeguards worked hard to make sure that all the competitors were ready. As the whistle was blown, the swimmers dived into the pool seamlessly and tried their hardest to overtake the others. There were a lot of close competition, with one competitor only 0.1 seconds from getting first place during the breast stroke event. During the awards at the end, the prefects and house captains congratulated everybody for their effort. Overall, it was a tense and exciting event that showed teamwork and sportsmanship.”