Welcomes Historian Dominic Sandbrook

Wednesday May 9, 2018

Concord recently hosted British historian, author, columnist and television presenter Dr Dominic Sandbrook, for a history lecture on ‘Britain 1951-2007’. Shropshire-born Dominic was previously a lecturer in history at the University of Sheffield, and has also been a member of the history faculty at Oxford University. Now a visiting professor at King’s College London, Dominic has also lectured at Concord on numerous occasions. Dr Sandbrook said: “Presenting allows you to explore a subject in much greater depth and complexity.” 35 students and three staff members from Wolverhampton Girls High School joined Concord’s students for the lecture, as part of a shared educational initiative. Ms Helen Archer, Assistant Head of Humanities and coordinator of the event said: “They have visited several times now. It’s a valuable link to have, as both schools study this particular topic.” The lecture comprised of four British history themes; politics, economics, society and international relations. Ms Archer said: “The lecture covered the curriculum of both the AS history course and A-Level course, and provided valuable insights from a top historian. “Concord’s 6.1 and 6.2 historians had the opportunity to ask questions on post-WWII British life to aid their studies.” Students particularly enjoyed Dr Sandbrook’s relaxed approach to the lecture. A-Level student Nancy said: “He was able to explain complex issues using simple language and also valued the opinion of his audience and sought to connect with them.” Nancy added: “It was an enlightening night which took all those present on a journey to the heart of Britain in the years 1951-2007.”