West End Café and Store

Have you ever been to Concord’s West End store? Many students who have shopped at the West End store find themselves returning because of the variety of products and accessibility of the store, not to mention the efficient service and fun exchanges and banter with the store’s owner.

We recently had the opportunity to find out more about the man behind all the fun at the West End, Mr Nauman, who runs the West End store. It currently carries a wide variety of everyday items like stationery, toiletries and food and beverages to cater to both staff and students. Known to many as the ‘cheerful man at the West End’, Mr Nauman has been working in Concord College for five years, and mans his store on weekdays from 4pm-10pm and from 1:30pm-10pm on weekends.

With the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have been affected and are facing numerous challenges with logistics. While Mr Nauman’s is no exception, he is glad that he and his team are healthy and still able to work. He believes that Concord has done well with mitigating preventive measures, and that continuing to practice social distancing and maintaining good hygiene will have the Covid-19 situation under control in Concord.

In light of the pandemic, Mr Nauman has also taken the opportunity to expand his store to adapt and provide for the new needs of students following a semi-lockdown, dedicating a larger section of his store to personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitisers, which he never used to sell. Together with his colleagues, Mr Nauman has started selling uncooked meat and poultry for boarders (who make up most of the student population), who are unable to go to Shrewsbury for groceries for safety reasons and still wish to cook in school.

He expressed his gratitude towards Concord for starting an online store for the West End, which has helped with the sale and delivery of his goods to students. This was set up in collaboration with the year group bubbles, which were set up to ensure minimal cross-contact between students. As a result, it allows each year group a limited period of time to stop by certain locations in school (the West End store included).

Over the last five years, Mr Nauman has found that his favourite part about Concord is being able to serve staff and students, who bring energy and life to the West End. He places a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction and focuses his business on bringing joy and satisfaction to Concordians who support and enjoy his store.

Alisa and Panaree – 6.2