Excellence Lectures 2019

Monday March 11, 2019

‘Achieving Academic Excellence’ is the goal for students and staff at Concord and 6.1 students were recently invited to attend the inaugural Excellence Lectures held in Concord’s theatre. Said Mr Tom Lawrence Vice Principal Academic: “Concord College is an institution which believes in the pursuit of excellence in all its forms.  This commitment has many strands but it includes being open to different understandings of excellence from around the world. “We are a multi-cultural institution and it is enriching to hear different cultural understandings of what excellence encompasses.  For this reason, the Excellence Lectures includes a guest speaker from one of the countries we recruit from. “This year our first guest speaker was Father Joe-Stanis Okoye, Principal of Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja, Nigeria.  This school is generally regarded as being the best secondary institution in Nigeria, and Father Joe-Stanis outlined what the word ‘Excellence’ means in the Nigerian context. “This was an all-encompassing understanding which included equality of opportunity for all faiths in his multi-faith community and for all income groups.  It also involved recognising the importance of service to the community and putting the needs of others before oneself. “Our second speaker was Richard Partington, the Senior Tutor of Churchill College, Cambridge. He outlined the understanding of excellence which underpins the Cambridge admissions process. “He placed a strong emphasis on the need for hard work and the ability to be able to demonstrate a strong interest in one’s subject.  He also de-mythologised the interview process, pointing out that it was a relatively minor aspect of the many components of the Cambridge admissions process.” The guest speakers Father Joe-Stanis Okoye and Richard Partington are pictured in Concord’s theatre.