Summer School wins Quality English Digital Award

Wednesday July 15, 2020

Concord’s Summer School was ‘delighted’ to announce it had won a Quality English Digital Award earlier this week, ahead of its new online programme starting later this month. Chosen by Quality English in partnership with Macmillan Education – the digital accolade was awarded to Concord Summer for ‘innovation in the online school’. The award comes after a recent partnership between Quality English and Macmillan Education – a partnership that brings new benefits to QE schools across the globe, including weekly webinars from academic experts, drop-in sessions and consultancy, as well as the new and exclusive digital awards. Speaking of the new programme, ‘Concord Summer Online’, Director of Summer School Mrs Kari Quant said: “We recognised that early on, whilst our own GCSE and A level students moved to online learning, the thought of additional summer learning for young people would be tiring… so we wanted to introduce something different! “As part of a free programme, we’re running twenty challenges over twenty working days between July 20th and August 14th for students to learn whilst engaging in practical tasks. “Students will watch one instructional video per day produced by our staff especially for this project, download a worksheet to complete and then do the task. “Students see, hear, read, write and do! “Not only will they try a variety of activities that are ordinarily on offer during Concord Summer, but each time a task is completed, they earn an e-badge to download, whilst building a portfolio of work that they can showcase and take back to school. “What’s more, each activity that is complete, students receive a ticket (up to a maximum of twenty tickets), which will be included in the prize draw for a free place to study at Concord Summer 2021 (subject to T&Cs).” Steve Tulk of Macmillan Education said: “In a field of great nominations, yours was the one that stood out.  The story behind it inspired us, so congratulations to your Summer Team.” And the Chief Executive of Quality English and Quality Education, Jonathan Swindell also had high praise for Concord Summer: “It was truly a very well-deserved award, so congratulations from all of us at QE!” Reflecting on the award, Mrs Quant said: “The Summer Course team are thrilled to receive this recognition. “We wanted to do something different – particularly at a time where our students, agents and staff needed us the most. “The vision was for students to be able to access learning opportunities anytime, regardless of time-zones, whilst collating a portfolio and collecting virtual badges to take back to school. “Our ‘SEE, HEAR, READ, WRITE, DO’ approach means it’s accessible to all.” She added: It’s been a pleasure hearing and reading about the many ways other schools have innovated, and it’s a credit to the great industry we work in.” For more information on Concord Summer Online, click here.