nostalgic return to Concord’s Summer School 29 years later

Wednesday July 3, 2019

The first day of arrivals for Concord’s July Summer School was particularly nostalgic and ‘exciting’ for a returning former Summer School student. Mr Palmino Di Giacinto, a former Summer School student between 1986-1990, returned to the college 29 years after his last Summer School, with his two children. Sara, 16, is in her fifth year of Summer School, whilst Pasquale, 13, attended for the first time last year. Mr Di Giacinto’s oldest daughter Chiara, aged 21, also took part in five Summer School courses at Concord. Also in attendance was Palmino’s nephew, Matteo, aged 12, who said he was ‘excited’ about attending his first Summer School. His father, Luca was also a Summer School student in 1990 – and he will also be returning to Concord at the end of the July course. Sara will be studying English in the 3-week long July course; Pasquale, who is enrolled on both the July and August courses said he was keen to learn chemistry and biology; Matteo will be studying English. Said Sara, who has studied English in each of her Summer School courses: “It’s so nice to be back again. Each year, you meet the same faces as well as meeting new friends. “The friendships at Concord are special – and a lot of them you stay in touch with. I met with some of mine in Rome for example! “Again, I’m looking forward to improving my English skills  and making great memories.” Mr Di Giacinco, who – on his arrival – caught up with former Summer School Director Mr John Leighton, said: “It’s fantastic to come back after 29 years from my final course here. “Every year the school gets more beautiful and there’s lots of changes! There’s familiarities, but changes too. “I think I have encouraged my children to come to Concord. Like Sara said, the friendships and connections you make here are so important – you make friends, network globally and are educated, which is very important.” Reflecting on their meeting, Mr Leighton said: “It’s touching – Concord obviously makes such a big impression, even from years ago, and especially to students at such a young age. “I think it’s fantastic that Summer School students speak so highly of the school, as often, it’s the Main Term students that express their gratitude and experiences. “It’s a credit to the Summer School and staff that a number of students then enrol to study Main Term at Concord. I think they appreciate the experience, and want to change their education and fulfil their ambitions.” Pictured above: Alumnus - Mr Palmino Di Giacinto, Former Summer School Director - Mr John Leighton, Pasquale, Sara, Matteo.