Form 5 Geography Field Trip

It was after Saturday tests when we were waiting patiently for our long-awaited departure to the Field Study centre: Rhyd-y-creuau, located in North Wales. We arrived at the centre at about 12 pm when we had our lunch followed by our first lesson on rivers.

As we arrived at Migneint, a mountain located in central Snowdonia, we started an investigation of the source of Afon Conwy (River Conwy in Welsh). Some of us, while having much fun doing investigations, fell into the river, including myself getting water-filled wellies. Some even lost pieces of clothing to the undefeatable bogs.

The second day was on coasts; we went to the rather large tourist village, or town if you would, of Criccieth. When we first arrived, the weather seemed horrendous to me, but our Welsh instructor told us that it was just another day with ‘typical Welsh winter weather’. Despite this, we had great sunshine later after the wet first half of the day. Alongside the sunshine, once we had finished our investigations of coasts, our instructor brought us to a nearby beach to have a nice little walk – where we had our piggy back ride race between us students.

On the third and last day we visited “The Gateway to Snowdonia” also known as Betws-y-coed. We studied the effects of tourism on the town such as numbers of pedestrians, types of shops, pollution to the environment and such. It was a lovely 20-minute walk from the centre. We walked across fields and a swinging bridge where people were not just walking but jumping across it! In the town, we went to the Pont-y-Pair Bridge where we had a view of a gorgeous water fall of the Afon Llugwy (River Llugwy).

And with all of that, we concluded our fun field trip and headed back to school with a coach full of sleepy students.

Justin – F5

Between the 12-14th October, the F5 geography students went on a field trip to Betws y Coed, Wales. We got firsthand experience on collecting data for field work, as well as taking part in a few lessons at the centre, held by the local staff. The most memorable part of the field work was probably treading in a freezing river, with water swashing in our wellies on the first day.

Despite the discomfort, it was an enjoyable experience to be able to collect first-hand data in a real river. One of the highlights of the trip was when we visited Black Rock Sand, which was a beautiful beach with some breathtaking caves, and getting an ice cream break (of course!) in the local town. The staff at the centre were very well-informed and familiar with the GCSE curriculum and overall, this trip was a great help to extending our understanding of geography field work, as well as a chance to explore the countryside of Wales.

Sophia – F5