Culture at its Finest

Culture at its Finest

Posted on: November 13th 2017

#Concord Life #Culture

Being in a cultural society such as African Society is truly a blessing. My home is about a 10 hours and 45 minute flight away (South Africa), which is very far away. It’s hard being away from home; some find it easy and others find it quite difficult, and it’s…


Changing the Face of Dance at Concord

Posted on: November 3rd 2017

#Concord Life #Dance

Dance… a word that holds a lot of meaning for me. A word that I believe brings joy in most events. A word I have been in love with for 7 years. A word I wanted to make well-known in Concord College. Weeks after joining Concord in January 2017, the…


The Concord Talent Show 2017

Posted on: October 17th 2017

#Concord Life #Talent Show

MY TALENT SHOW EXPERIENCE It was with a nervous explosion of butterflies that I stepped out of the wings onto the stage on Thursday night. With each step across the stage I felt my heart beating louder and louder and LOUDER. It was only when I opened my eyes and…


A Day in the Life: ‘A Typical Wednesday’

Posted on: October 6th 2017

#Concord Life

A Day in the Life: ‘A Typical Wednesday’ 8:35 So far in the term, I have either an assembly or a PSHE session on Wednesday mornings. Class then commences as usual. 9:20 I have all my classes on Wednesday, except for Physics. I start off with Applied Maths in Evergreen…


Concord Summer Law Course

Posted on: September 29th 2017

#Careers Visit #Concord College #Law School

DIVERSITY. INDIVIDUALITY. BRILLIANCE. A Turkish beauty and a fashion-forward natural born leader from Hong Kong. A Belgium born French-American with a lively intellect and a crystal clear passion for American politics; good luck mentioning ‘Trump’ around him. A strikingly brilliant British boy who has a distinct voice made for CNN…


Photo Day

Posted on: May 11th 2017

#College photo

Concord College held its annual photo day on Monday May 1st which is traditionally a Bank Holiday in England. It seemed only fitting then that students were given half the day off with lessons ending at lunchtime to give the students a chance to doll-up before the big occasion. Concordians…


Law School Visit

Posted on: April 26th 2017

#Careers Visit #Law School

The students were given some real insights into the work done by the Law Student Representation Project, which is a joint venture between Wolverhampton Council & the university. Law students assist people who have lost their benefits or have been deemed ineligible for benefits under the new (2008) criteria, and…


Particle Physics Masterclass

Posted on: April 12th 2017


At a Particle Physics Masterclass recently students in 6.1 worked on real CERN data to isolate potentially interesting events which they identified and then logged. By measuring the energy of the known particles produced they were able to see direct evidence of heavy neutral particles (you can see a picture…


The difficulty of choice

Posted on: March 29th 2017


Sooner or later, we all face difficult choices in life. We doubt, we analyse, we hesitate. Academic choices, the ones that determine the fate of your future life, do have to be made (although way too early in my opinion). If you have already found a passion for your subject,…


Concord brought stories from the world to Longnor Primary School

Posted on: March 23rd 2017


Last Wednesday, members of Outreach Society visited Longnor School, and shared their stories of their own cultural background with local children. Longnor School is a local primary school 7 minutes away from Concord College. However, for the local children, the lives of Concord students may seem quite distant. Here, we…