A flash of Concord’s FilmFest

As the term was drawing to a close, Concord held its annual House Film Festival on 9th April. The four ‘houses’ (Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst, and Teresa) had been committed to creating these short films throughout the term, and I know, firsthand, that hours and hours of work had been put into creating the most entertaining 5 or 6 minutes. As you walked into the theatre that night, you could tell that people were excited to find out which house would come out on top.

While all the houses had to include the line “You mean they never told you the tale?” and a neon coloured beanie, the final products were all completely different and full of creativity. There was certainly a range of genres and a range of messages delivered.

Gandhi kicked the night off with an unexpected ‘horror comedy’ about ‘AtHoc’ – Concord’s safeguarding app, and showcased Mr Kerslake’s dramatic flair. You could tell there was tension rising throughout the film. Whether they were looking at  Mr Weaver’s cupcakes or ominous masked figures, the audience’s attention was undivided.

Mandela delivered an uplifting message on positivity with hyperbolic characters that represented modern ‘millennial’ problems like depression, laziness, binge eating and internet dependence and ended with a flash mob that made the audience want to jump out of their seats and dance too.

Pankhurst took an alternative route with a dystopia where everyone is treated differently based on their grades and hinted at some social commentary on how everyone prioritises grades, and how students are under massive amounts of pressure these days. With this, they also had multiple ‘laugh out loud’ moments that rippled through the audience.

Teresa did a documentary-type film where they highlighted the importance of friendship and courage. It involved interviews with teachers and students and highlighted the unity of the house and the Concord community. It closed the show with the audience being reminded that someone is always there for them and that they are truly, wonderfully loved.

At the end of the day, these films are a way for Concord students to not think about upcoming trials for a second and just do things they enjoy and express themselves. I remember the feeling of satisfaction and excitement when a scene was edited, looked exactly as how the directors visioned it and was shared to our House Film WhatsApp group. People replied with “THAT LOOKS SO COOL” and various “OH MY GOD”s, and honestly – trophy or not – nothing could beat that feeling throughout this whole house film journey.

Annelie – 6.1