SPORTS REPORT: 09/10/19 (U18 Netball)

SPORTS REPORT: 09/10/19 (U18 Netball)

Posted on: October 28th 2019

#Netball #Sports Report

Concord College U18 Netball vs Thomas Adams – Score: 9-9 Team List: Tara, Joy, Sophia, Emily, Carla, Lauren, Rose, Saratu, Holly. On Wednesday 9th Oct, the U18 Netball team had a match against Thomas Adams at their school and tied with them in a tough match. The first quarter, we…


Chemistry Evening – Spectrometry

Posted on: October 17th 2019

#Chemistry #Science #Spectrometry

On the evening of Friday 11th October, Concord’s Chemistry students were extremely lucky to be able to analyse their recently-studied practical results using a very rare spectrometry machine. NMR and Infra-red spectrometry machines are very expensive and difficult to get a hold of by schools – Concord’s students were fortunate…


SPORTS REPORT: 09/10/19 (U19 Boys Basketball)

Posted on: October 11th 2019

#Basketball #Sports Report

Concord College U19 Boys vs Shrewsbury School – Score: 51-70 loss Team List: Anson, Ben, Daniel, Stephen, Felix, Alvin, Prame, Minh Cao, Thibault, Mustafa, Ray, Jason, Danielius. The Concord College U19 basketball squad, led by Ben and Jason, went up against Shrewsbury School at home. It was an incredibly tight game…..


Concord’s British Day

Posted on: October 1st 2019

#British Day #Celebration #Weekends at Concord

On the 14th of September, the school celebrated ‘British Day’. Although the official proposed British National Day is on September 20th, that did not stop the festivities from being a tremendously enjoyable time. The school made every effort to ensure that the national holiday was properly celebrated, and there were…