Concord’s British Day

On the 14th of September, the school celebrated ‘British Day’. Although the official proposed British National Day is on September 20th, that did not stop the festivities from being a tremendously enjoyable time. The school made every effort to ensure that the national holiday was properly celebrated, and there were numerous rides, games, and other exciting attractions brought in. They included everything from trampolines and massive swings to shooting ranges. A personal highlight for me, however – the bumper cars, which my friends and I gladly took part in… Multiple times.

There was also a wide variety of flavours and foods available. Concord’s British Society worked tirelessly throughout the day to cater some lovely British-themed refreshments, and there was even an ice cream van that was brought in. The dining hall also put together a special British-themed dinner, with such choices as fish and chips and steak pie. Although lacking in curry (which I personally feel has become rather British), it was a truly special and sumptuous occasion.

The evening nicely ended with a screening of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, organised by the Mandela Movie Night Team, on the back of the Main Hall building. The movie told the life story of British superstar-singer Freddy Mercury, and the formation of the legendary band Queen, in which he was the lead vocalist. The almost universally loved tracks echoed around the campus, and we all in all, thought it was an appropriate movie to show, celebrating the life of one of the most world-famous Brits in recent history.

Missing British Day festivities last year due to uncontrollable circumstances was a downer, but I feel that this year’s celebrations more than made up for it. This is one Concord tradition that I feel has cemented itself in our school’s collective heart and will be enjoyed for years to come.

Luke – 6.2