Concord in Pink

‘Deeds, Not words.’ – Emmeline Pankhurst

That’s why Pankhurst house has sprung into action straight after this month, in the month of pink, as an effort to raise fund for breast cancer research. On Wednesday, the whole Pankhurst House helped to make a pop-up bakery in the Dining Hall, selling homemade fairy cupcakes glossed with pink icing and cookies dusted with (unsurprisingly) pink sugar.

Of course, the meaning of these events are much bigger than the interhouse ‘rivalry’, hence, different student-bakers from all houses were also invitied and involved in the event. The bakery has proven to be a great hit amongst Concordians, as all the stocks were sold out within the 20 minute break.

As an effort to raise even more donations, Charity Club sold raffle tickets at 25p for 1 ticket and 1 pound for 5 tickets, the winners will get a teddy bear or boxes of artisan chocolate.

Different strikes of pink were scattered all over the campus on Friday. Concordians were encouraged to wear pink. For those to dozy and ended up forgeting to get changed, or didn’t have pink clothes like me, but still would like to support the cause; they could opt for the pink hairspray, face paint, bracelets and ribbons.

Whilst enjoying ourselves, we mustn’t forget the cause of these events. They are to help breast cancer research. There may not be much we could help; but we can act by spending more quality time reaching out to your loved ones, especially as most Concordians are boarders, so gathering with their families might be difficult. Better hurry before becoming sorry. So, what are you waiting for? Afterall, it is the deeds that matter, not words.

Yanshing Cheung 6.1